Each year the young musicians from Ovation Music in Chichester put on a concert at the Chichester Festival Theatre but their plans have been thwarted this year because of the pandemic.  Rather than giving up – they decided to make a movie about the rock show and Seaward Homes have been very happy to support them in their endeavours. The movie is entitled Stand Up, Stand Out!

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We’ve just had an update on progress from Nick Davidson at Ovation :

After several “extra” weeks on Zoom (fun, games and creating content etc) we finally started filming on 6th March. There are over 50 children age 8 -16 involved weekly, plus a number of college age kids volunteering to support our lighting, sound, and filming team at all levels.

We have now completed the rehearsal footage and studio (covid safe) vocal & choir recording work, and we have the Minerva Theatre performance filming and personal interviews taking piace between 13-16 April. We then begin film music writing with some of the young songwriters.

Editing takes place between mid April and end June when we hope to complete the project and screen the short film documentary, with performance music videos going on DVD version.

We can’t wait to see the final film which is entitled Stand Up, Stand Out.

Here are some images of the young people at work over the last couple of weeks.