Residents of Seaward’s new development at Priors Orchard can enjoy fresh produce on the doorstep from the Southbourne Farm Shop.  The village of Southbourne also offers a whole range of other services including a convenience store, pharmacy, doctor, dentist and a sustainable living centre.  More details of some of these amenities will feature in future posts.

The Southbourne Farm Shop was established in 1982 and is a truly family-run business.  It stocks a wide range of produce from fruit and vegetables to wines and beers and much of what is available is locally sourced.

There is even an in-store bakery producing artisan bread sold exclusively in the shop.  The author of this post can vouch for the quality of the bread, it smells and tastes delicious and is a perfect accompaniment to the locally produced cheeses and chutneys on sale.

Every Tuesday and Friday between 10.00 am until 2.00 pm locally caught fish can be purchased from the visiting fishmonger in the farm shop’s car park and there are regular foodie events advertised on the shop’s website, including involvement in British Food Fortnight in September and October.

Seaward is very pleased to be able to present each new homeowner with a beautiful hamper prepared by the farm shop with lots of local goodies to enjoy when they move in.

For more information about the beautiful new homes at Priors Orchard contact Wendy or Caroline in the sales office on 01243 790581 or complete the contact form here.