On 7 June we were visited by two groups of children from the local primary school at our new development in Southbourne, Priors Orchard.  The children have recently embarked on a project which will include studying the development as it progresses.  Their first visit gave them the opportunity to hear Seaward’s Contracts Manager, Chris Monk, talk about the site, the houses and the materials they will be built from.

If Chris is ever looking for a change of career I would recommend that he applies to be the next Blue Peter presenter!  His explanation of the work carried out to relocate slow worms was particularly good!

Chris’ enthusiasm about the project certainly rubbed off and we had lots of interesting questions about environmental issues, such as how the properties would be insulated, whether the insulation would be made from recycled materials and whether any of the properties would have solar panels.  There was also some interest expressed about how much the houses would cost!

The children were very interested to see all the bricks, blocks and flints that will be used to build the new homes and helped to stake out the ground floor area of Plot 1 (the show home) to see what size it would be.

The children will be coming back to the site again over the coming months to see how things progress.  Here are some photographs of the work they have already undertaken and they will now be building models of houses to create a development of their own design.  We may well learn something!